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Scam: The confirmation letter of your company name NAME application for registration:

From time to time we receive scam e-mails and it can be difficult to understand them. Prior to replying to such e-mails we select some sentences from the e-mail and use our friend Google to search if others have the very same e-mail.

Before we explain why we have determined this e-mail is a scam, here is the e-mail we have received (it could be similar or have a different name):

Dear Manager,

The confirmation letter of your company name NAME application for registration:

We are an agency engaging in registering brand name and domain names. Today, Our center received an application from PrenTan Company and they apply to register arvesto as their brand name and some top-level domain names(.CN .HK etc). We found the main body of domain names is same as your company name. I am not sure about the relationship between you and them. Please tell me whether or not your company authorizes them to register names.

We are dealing with the application and we need to confirm whether you have authorized them? If you don't authorize them, please reply me an e-mail. Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,
Davis Wan  |  Service & Operations Manager
Tel:+0086-5538-366231 || Fax:+0086-5538-366231

Our initial search gave us a page at Disqus. The problem in this case is that the source was deleted, so we continued and found Bereskin & Parr. As this Canadian company is specialised in intellectual property law, we have found this a trustable source. Their advice is to ignore the e-mail as they determined that it is most likely that they want to initiate doing business with you.

These "misunderstanding e-mails" may not look like scam, however we do advice to not reply to them. Should you already have done so, make sure to ignore their replies and do not do business with them. Based on our experience they can overcharge you for their services, stop replying after you have paid or scam you in other ways. Or they can add your e-mail address to a list with known working e-mail addresses, which they can use to send more spam/scam.

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