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What are your DNS servers?

The DNS cluster of consists out of two servers spread over two networks and locations. With this setup we have achieved a 100% uptime over the last few years.

The DNS servers of

Our DNS servers are:

    • IPv4 IP
    • IPv6 IP 2a00:1ca8:e:3e2::249
    • IPv4 IP
    • IPv6 IP 2a02:348:63:5f92::1

What is DNS for?

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. With these servers it is possible to connect the domain to the right server, like is connected to our webserver. Without the DNS system a website would only be reachable via an IP address, however remembering an IP address is not easy. With the new IPv6 IP's it can be hard to remember them. The IP 2a02:348:63:5f92::1is not even the hardest IP address to remember...

Why are DNS servers important?

Let's say the e-mail server is offline. Disaster: the e-mails will not arrive at the destination and will get deleted. Unless your DNS system is online, in that case the protocol is to try for at least three days to send the e-mails. This way no e-mails have to get lost when the e-mail server is offline. When the e-mail server gets back online, the e-mails usually arrives within a few hours after that.

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